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My name is Hayden Jaco, I grew up in Vancouver BC and am now residing in Ontario. Growing up, thanks to my grandfather I lived a very active lifestyle playing every sport imaginable. Ultimately my passions lead to me a successful youth career in both hockey and baseball. After finishing highschool I took my talents south of the border for a college baseball career in the NCJAA in Texas and the NCAA division 1 level at Indiana State University. 
After finishing up my baseball career and going through a small identity crisis, I felt like I had lost my "competitive edge" that was until I found Crossfit and fell in love with the sport
Since early 2020 I have been training in this new domain and pushing my goals everyday.
I am excited to partner with Silverback Nutrition because of the knowledge Terry has not only about nutrition but about the sport of Crossfit as well, from our very first conversation I could tell that he understands my goals and gives me an added confidence that we can achieve them.


Hello! My name is Gabrielle Spenst. I am a proud canadian athlete, training to reach my goal of competing in the Crossfit games.


I made the decision early in the 2022 Crossfit season to leave my job and family back home to come train in Lynden WA where I joined a group of like minded individuals who push me and help me grow in all areas.


I am thankful everyday to God, my family and my friends. I would not be able to be living out my dream if it weren’t for them. And I am excited to expand my family and join Silverback Nutrition!



My name is Anne-Marie Dumont and I'm a track cyclist, more specifically a sprinter! After playing hockey for most of my life, my athletic career completely took a turn in April of 2022. Since I was a little girl, I always had the Olympic dream on my mind. No matter the sport I was playing, a feeling of ambition and drive was always burning inside me fuelling this long time goal. When my hockey career was coming to an end, RBC training ground gave me a chance to keep that Olympic dream alive. Hockey player turned into a track cyclist, it’s a different sport but the same goal. I’m excited to join the silverback nutrition team as I continue to chase the Olympic dream. 





My name is Nick Felber, I grew up in Calgary AB and am no residing in Lethbridge AB. Growing up I enjoyed playing sports but as I got older I developed a love for martial arts. During my senior year of high school I signed up at my first mma gym in Calgary where my true journey began. After high school I went to college for Justice studies while training and competing. I then transitioned into the army where I served with the Canadian armed forces from 2017-2019. During my last year in the forces in Edmonton where I was stationed I began training again and knew that fighting was my soul passion. After the army I worked as a high risk youth worker and investigator in the Edmonton area but fighting kept my pulling my mind in. After Covid in 2021 I began taking fights again and knew that I wanted to make a professional career out of fighting. I won two fights in a row and then was diagnosed with a Sarcoma tumour. I had four surgeries for my cancer over the course of a year. After my final surgery I swore to myself I would do something incredible and have the ultimate comeback. I then moved to Lethbridge to train under Lee Mein and made my professional debut 5 months after my final surgery. Mixed martial arts saved my life multiple times and is my true passion in life.



“Believe you can and you’re halfway there”

Theodore Roosevelt

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